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Introduction to Spanish

It has been shown that the earlier in a child's development a second language is introduced, the easier it is for the child to learn the language and other languages that are introduced at later times. Common everyday words such as hello, thank you, numbers and colors are introduced. Simple requests and words of encouragement are spoken throughout the day.

The Science, Social Studies and Literature Curriculum

Uses "ABC Mouse," a computer program. Its science and social studies curriculum helps children understand the world they live in and inspire curiosity. It teaches about the body and health, plants, animals, weather, climate, and the seasons, maps and regions of the Unites States. The literature program makes available stories from all over the world.

Introduction to Computer Learning

At Just Like Home, your child will learn to use the mouse to move the cursor, user power keys: "enter," "esc," "delete,", become familiar with quality interactive applications, games and activities. They will also learn a basic working vocabulary of common technology terms, such as "Internet," "mouse," "keyboard" and "printer."

Anything Can Happen Day

The first Friday of the month is a special day at Just Like Home. Anything can happen! There might be a rock and roll dance, a pajama day, ice cream sundaes, Go Big Red Day, visitors' day or something else that is very special.

Daily Communication with Staff

Just Like Home recognizes the importance of daily communication between parents/guardians and the childcare teachers. You will receive pictures and be informed about meals, diaper changes/restroom breaks, daily activities, etc. You receive these daily electronic notes through the Bright Wheels program.

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